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Anafi /Greek: Ανάφη/ This colorful little island is famous for its heavenly beaches and the traditional August celebrations where hot fashionistas mingle with native black dressed grannies. Photo Credit: @phenomeno_anafi  Artemis /Greek: ‘Αρτεμις/ The ancient Greek goddess of hunting and the inspiration of our jewelry made of feathers and brass metal.
artemis feather earrings blue                               artemis-feather-collar-blue
Barbounaki /Greek: Μπαρμπουνάκι/ Our national little red mullet usually cooked fried.  Try them at Garbi fish tavern which also serves one of the best fish soups ever!  
Constantine Cavafy /Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Καβάφης/ One of our greatest poets.  His mind-blowing “Ithaca” goes beyond poetry and becomes an existential voyage. 
Delfi /Greek: Δελφοί/ If you haven’t been you cannot really experience the Ancient Greece in pure Heideggerian terms. The spolia, the dramatic rocky backdrop and the cypress trees capture the psyche of our country. Below: Jackie O visiting Delphoi.
Jackie in Delphoi
Elafonissos /Greek: Ελαφόνησσος / A tiny island (to be avoided in August) off the southern tip of the Peloponnese with breathtaking beaches such as Simos.  Can be a day trip from Monemvassia.  Eclipse/Greek: Εκλειψη/ Οur iconic doric inspired collection of vintage collars, bracelets and pearls. 
Fournoi /Greek: Φούρνοι/ A small group of islands.  Ideal when you are fed up with the crowd in Patmos and wish for a day trip escape.
Gaitis, Yannis/Greek: Ιάννης Γαΐτης/   An early modernist painter whose iconic male figure with a hat became a stereotype of human uniformity.     
Hydra /Greek: Ύδρα/ This Saronic island was the favorite place of Leonard Cohen and still is a locus of contemporary art. Do not miss the sunset at Hydronetta and Speak out boutique. Below: Melina Mercouri and Antony Perkins strolling in Hydra.
Iannis Xenakis /Greek: Ιάννης Ξενάκης/ He is a pioneer Greek French musician who used mathematical models in his ecstatic, abstract compositions.  Listen to Metastasis or Synaphai. 
Juicy Watermelons/ Greek: Καρπούζι/ Synonym of summer in Greece, enjoy it with a bit of feta cheese on the side.
Kimolos /Greek: Κίμωλος/ It is the hidden heaven of Cyclades with totally unspoiled beaches, traditional villages and great food!
Ladera /Greek: Λαδερά/ All vegetable dishes, home cooked in the oven or casserole, usually consisting of aubergines, carrots, zucchini, potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley.  Enjoy ladera in a taverna next to the sea drinking white chilled wine. Below: Greta Garbo enjoying a plate of ladera.
greta garbo
Moschoforos /Greek: Μοσχοφόρος/ Or calf bearer. This kouros statue, in the Acropolis museum, is characteristic of the Archaic era. The enigmatic smile, the static muscular linear body of the Kouros, contradicts with the naturalistic almost tender representation of the sacrificial lamb.  Memphis /Greek: Μέμφις/ Our colorful necklaces inspired by the famous design movement. 
National Ballet /Greek: Εθνική Λυρική Σκηνή/ Now under the genius of Antonis Foniadakis and in its new house -the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano - the NB promises ambitious, unforgettable productions in both modern and classic repertoire. Nuwa /Greek Νούβα/  Οur collection of earrings and necklaces adorned with our signature snake motifs.
Osios Loucas /Greek: Όσιος Λουκάς/ It is a well preserved Byzantine monastery in Voiotia, situated among olive tree fields. Stop there, on your way to Delphi, to marvel the beauty of its 11th century mosaics.
Polyaigos /Greek: Πολύαιγος/ Accessible only by boat, this little island has only two inhabitants and the best clear crystal blue waters of the Aegean. 
Quartier d’ Athenes / Greek: Καρτιέ ντ’ Ατέν/ It is a classic bistrot in the center of Athens. Enjoy your brunch on the stylish green marble tables. 
Rinia /Greek: Ρίνια/ It is a little group of deserted islands next to Myconos. Rent a traditional kaiki, visit Delos and then head to one of the beautiful beaches such as Ligia, Stena or Ambelia. Sheep are the only inhabitants and the smell of wild thyme ubiquitous on this little paradise. 
Sounion /Greek: Σούνιον/ and Temple of Poseidon. Antony Perkin's favorite spot after Hydra. Enjoy a sunset among the columns and the sculptural “athanatoi” cactuses, found only in the land of Attica. 
Troades /Greek: Τρωάδες/ Euripide’s famous tragedy. It was best translated into film by Michalis Cacoyannis with Katherine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave and Irene Papas. See the movie to understand best the unescapable fate of the Trojan women.Tinos /Greek:Τίνος/ Our collection inspired by the pigeon houses of the Cycladic island, our geometric collection is available in 9ct gold with diamonds, malachite or tiger’s eye. Below: Irene Pappas as Belle Helene.
irene pappas
Uberness /Greek: Ουμπερνες/ following the trend of street food, this pop-up resto offers delicious burgers served in parchment paper in the most surreal setting in the heart of Athens’ lachanagora (vegetable market). 
Very Greek /Greek: Βέρι Γκρικ/ One of New Hotel’s refereshing cocktails. Enjoy it on the aesthetically impeccable bar with its breathtaking view. www.yeshotels/new-hotel Vathi /Greek: Βαθύ/ is the horseshoe-shaped sandy beach of Sifnos you can visit by boat, the nearby ceramist named Atsonios in his hut. 
Wine/Greek: Κρασί/ Greece has a very long tradition and many many types of grape. To mention few: White: Thalassitis (Santorini region, Assyrtiko variety) Tselepou (Mantinea region, Moschofyllero variety) Gerovassileiou (Drama region, Malagouzia variety) Red: Palivos (Nemea region, Agiogritiko variety) Diamantakos (Naoussa region, Xynomavro variety).
Xenophon /Greek: Ξενοφών/ The ancient greek historian, philosopher and student of Socrates. Read his Anabasis in order to get an insight on the tactical, strategic and political skills of Greeks against the “barbarians.”
Young Jockey Riding a Horse /Greek: Νέος ιππεάς σε άλογο/ It is one of the marvels of Hellenistic sculpture and one of the few surviving original bronze statues, found in the old fashioned Archeological museum in Athens. Photo Credit:
Zonar’s /Greek: Ζόναρς/ the outcome of a romantic 1939 affair, this legendary café-restaurant was the meeting point of the elegant Athenians for almost a century. Recently refurbished, it is ideal for an aperitivo. Below: Hatzidakis and mercouri chatting in Zonar's.
melina mercouri
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