Artemis Multicolour Feather and Gold Plated Metal Collar Necklace

This iconic piece requires a lot of time and dedication, not to mention meticulous craftmanship, to create it. Part of our Signature Collection, this distinctive necklace stands out for its unique, impressive look. 

It consists of:

  • A vintage bronze collar adjustable for all neck sizes.
  • Two rows of colored feathers attached to a bronze semicircular base.
  • Two thin black-plated metal chains connecting the lower part of the necklace to the collar.
  • A metal KP tag ensuring the authenticity of the piece.  
  • This collar is delivered in an exclusive paper box. 

Our styling tip:  this piece suits all seasons.  In the summer, combine it with an off shoulder dress and look like a goddess.  In the winter, wear it with a deep V shape satin blouze and attract all glances. (Bottom photo: this piece as seen on our facebook page)

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